Back to Life

back-to-life-workshop-blanca-spatial-transformation.jpgNombre: Spatial Transformation Workshop: Back to life
Categoría: Taller de Arquitectura
Lugar: Centro Negra, Blanca
Fechas: 05-15 Septiembre
Participación: Profesor mentor (con Thilo Folkerts)

Blanca, a small town huddling at the foot of Peña Negra, a volcanic black rock, is reinventing parts of its structure, helped by impulses from artists’ platform AADK Spain. Part of this process is the rediscovery of the actual potentials of a shrunk city. The workshop Back To Life will be an integral step in further developing these impulses.

Living for ten days at Centro Negra, 20 international participants in the creative field will focus on the urban situation where the town meets the steep rock of Peña Negra. Here, a set of small informal architectures originally served as micro ‘‘subsistence city’’, mainly used for chicken raising and husbandry. These abandoned structures are now ruins in various stages of decay or reconstruction.

The workshop is a ten full days experience of common living and continuous exchange, where both -participants and tutors- will think and create the transformation of a space.

The site exploration process will develop through different laboratories and approaches: CONSTRUCTION, MAPS, LANDSCAPE, WALKS, PERFORMANCES, MOVIE MAKING, PEOPLE, VEGETATION. In a final restitution, participants will translate the collected information to develop proposals for interventions in the Peña Negra, the old town of Blanca.

Thilo Folkerts (Berlin-100Landschaftsarchitektur); and
Enrique Nieto (University of Alicante).
Tutors: seven international and multidisciplinary tutors along with the AADK Spain Team, context experts.
Curators: AADK with Lorenza Manfredi

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